Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nighttime in the Suburbs

I took this hand-held using a wall as support. This is the image after a crop and some levels adjustments in GIMP. Is it still too dark?

2 sec exposure, f/6.3, ISO 200, 18mm

Here's the original:


Raven said...

I like it. Doesn't seem too dark to me.

Dianne said...

I love it!! and I agree with Raven.

all your shots are lovely, I had fun deciding which is Project Black since a few of them fit the bill

the bicycle chain is a great shot

Rebecca said...

I think it's awesome!

I love that some of the green "glows." I'd be interested to see the original.

bryan said...

Thanks, everyone!

I've added the original shot (resized) as requested, rebecca. Let me know what you think.

Dianne said...

I love what your adjustments did for the green and the blue and I think it made the glow from the house warmer

thanks for posting the original, I'm fascinated by photo editing while I try to learn.