Thursday, August 14, 2008



Fish Whisperer said...

Nice sprouts, makes me want a sprout sandwich.
Check out this link, it is called sky watch friday and you post a picture of the sky on thursday night and then put your link on the site. You go and comment on peoples pictures and they come and comment on yours. Great way to increase your visibility.

Brianna said...

Hey--do you know how to adjust the white balance on your camera, or how to edit it with whatever software you're using? Several photos you've posted recently look like they could benefit from some white balance adjustment.

bryan said...

@ fish whisperer: Thanks! I'll check that out for next week.

@ brianna: Yes, I've experimented with white balance. I tend to like my shots with a not-so-realistic look to them, though, so I'll often use white balance settings that aren't strictly "correct". Also, you've probably also noticed that I tend to like slightly under exposed shots. It's just a personal preference, I guess. Thanks for the pointer!